Refreshing Your Home for the New Year

January, 2020

Once Christmas is over, you might want to use this time to refresh your home and breathe some new life back in as January gets underway, as some people might be thinking to sell in 2020. Here are some tips you can do to brighten your home for the New Year.
Out with the Old
Do you ever look around and wonder why you have some of your decorative items? We accumulate things over the years, whether they are given to you as a gift, bought on a whim or handed down from relatives. But, over time, we grow and evolve, and we can fall out of love with the look and feel of a room. This is a good time to declutter and remove the things that just don’t fit any more. You could sell them on eBay or donate them to charity, but if you aren’t feeling the love, it is time to let it go.
In with the New
The January sales are also a great time to create a new look in your living room, bedroom or kitchen, as many items will be marked down in price. Don’t go overboard and create a whole new clutter problem, instead, add one or two key pieces to lift and refresh your space. A brightly coloured toaster and kettle can change the focus in a kitchen; a new throw on a sofa with some matching cushion covers can lift a dated living room. Less is more!  
Bring the Outdoors in
Plants are a great addition to any room and are considered to be healthy for your environment. In winter you are less likely to have doors and windows open and greenery can help clean the air around you. There are many low maintenance plants for those who don’t consider themselves green-fingered; spider plants, palms and other large-leaved pot plants can brighten your living space. If you are not a fan of watering, consider some survival plants as they tend to look after themselves and do not mind a dry environment, thriving in most places.
Deep Clean
After the festive season, this is a great way to prepare your house for potential viewers and buyers. Many local DIY stores and even supermarkets have carpet cleaners you can hire for the day. You will be surprised at how much dirt can become trapped in the fibres and how much fresher it will smell once the carpets are clean. Pick a day when you can pop out for a few hours as you will need to leave your windows open and give the floors and carpets time to dry. You can also get attachment tools that can clean fabric sofas, so if you are feeling adventurous; you could give the whole room a deep clean. Potential buyers will find it easier to imagine themselves living in a home that is loved by the current owners.

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