Property Management

July, 2019

Managing a property is complicated – that’s why many of our landlords leave that up to us! Here’s just some of the responsibilities we take on:

We keep the relationship between us and the tenants professional. All too often a friendship can form and it then becomes difficult to make the necessary choices when rent is late!

Efficient administration is key to letting & managing a property – tenancy agreements, referencing, inventories, compliance, all of these are mandatory. All it takes is one mistake on an agreement to cause issues if you need to take court action.

Maintenance issues can rear their heads at any time – including the middle of the night. We can take these headaches off your hands.

To protect your asset, you need to inspect the property regularly on an agreed schedule. Many landlords let this slip, whereas we can regularly inspect up to four times each year. This keeps the dialogue open between the tenant and yourself, as well as ensuring the property is continually well kept.

It is your tenant’s responsibility to pay on time each month. You need to agree how and when you receive their rent, as well as keep an eye on local market conditions to discuss rent increases. This is all something we can look after for you!

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