Is your home ready for marketing?

October, 2019

The time has come and you have decided to sell or let your home.

The question to ask yourself now is this: Is my home really ready for photographs to be taken and for viewers to walk around?

Time to stop putting off the to-do-list and get these three crucial elements squared away:

1. First Impressions.
Front gardens, driveways, front doors and windows. This is what any viewer sees first upon arrival - even in the photos! Make sure the garden is well maintained. Do the windows need cleaning? Do the soffits need maintenance? How about the front door? These are all questions your buyer/tenant is asking before stepping foot into your home.

2. Complete odd jobs.
Make sure all the jobs you have been putting off are done. This could cover a range of things; decorating, fixing a cupboard, re-hanging a door, even fixing the bath panel!

3. Pets.
We know you love your pet, but perhaps your buyer/tenant doesn’t. When any viewing takes place, if you have a dog, take them for a walk. Let the viewing take place with no distractions. Also, If you have a house cat, make sure the litter tray is emptied.

Your buyer/tenant should see your home in the best light possible. Keep on top of these three points and you will get constructive feedback from viewings and the foundations of a good offer!

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