How do you know you have the best mortgage available to you?

July, 2019

We recommend to all our clients that are looking for a mortgage to speak to a mortgage adviser. Gone are the days of walking in to your local bank and simply selecting one of their products -or at least they should be!

The modern way is to let your mortgage adviser do all of the hard work FOR you. The Mortgage Advice Bureau, for example, will look at over 12,000 different options from over 90 different lenders. They will quickly pinpoint the best product for you, often saving you time and money, but also offering a product tailored to your requirements.

Once you have chosen the best product you can, leave the rest up to your adviser. They will complete most of the paperwork and manage the entire application process.
They can also advise you on mortgage protection – critical illness cover, income protection, buildings & contents insurance and life insurance. If you’re not sure you need these, then ask your adviser - they will be able to work out which protects benefit you most based on your own unique circumstances.

Call us on 01932 232927 to speak to Christopher Clarke, our dedicated adviser and make getting your mortgage as easy as can be!

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