High Street agent v Online agent

November, 2018

A common question we are asked is 'Why should a home owner use a traditional high street agent as opposed to an online agent'? Well, The Advisory have some interesting results following on from their research in to this subject. They found High street agents generate 48% more viewings, 64% more offers, and in 73% of cases a 5% higher sale price.
So, the so called 'cheaper option' could cost you money in the long run. To read the report in full please see the link below. If you are considering selling or letting a home please call us on 01932 232927, we will carry out a market appraisal and recommend a marketing strategy tailor made for you and your property.
source: Online estate agents vs. High street  (data study): https://www.theadvisory.co.uk/estate-agents/online-vs-high-street/

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