Guide to selling your home

May, 2019

Newboulds & Co Sellers Guide!
We know that selling your home can be stressful, but if you follow our guide, you’ll set yourself up for success!

1. Have a market appraisal done for your home! Your agent should have evidence to support their pricing recommendation too.

2. Appoint an estate agent! A great agent will want to know all about your home, what drew you to it, and why you are moving. They should be as excited about the property as you are!

3. Instruct a solicitor straight away! Many homeowners only look into this AFTER they have agreed a sale. If you already have a solicitor arranged, it will significantly speed up the process as well as take pressure away from you.

4. Documentation. Your agent will need two forms of ID and proof of ownership. You will also need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Your solicitor will need a fittings and contents form, property information form, and copies of any guarantees, warranties, or permissions. This is why we suggest you contact a solicitor straight away!

5. Your agent will arrange for photos and floor plans, as well as take care of all the marketing – You should sign off on this material!

6. For viewings, make sure your home looks great! If possible, try to be out of the home at the time - Potential buyers will be much more comfortable asking questions if the current owner isn’t around.

7. Liase with your agent as they negotiate back and forth with buyers. The choice to accept the offer is always yours, but take your agent's advice.

8. Sell!

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